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2019 UA Kingz of the Court Champions and Runner up

06/12/2019, 9:15am EDT
By U3 Basketball

High Flying action with games down to the wire.

HS American Division Champion     Connecticut Elite DBC 

HS American Division Runner Up     Connecticut Elite DL

10U Boys Runner Up                      Connecticut Elite LR


All Tournament Selections


CT Elite FC     HS National     Mathieu Augustin

CT Elite FC     HS National     Deandre Kelly

CT Elite DBC   HS National     Chris Gleaton Jr

CT Elite DBC   HS American    Elon Munroe

CT Elite DBC   HS American    Ty Calloway

CT Elite DBC   HS American    Donovan Price

CT Elite DL      HS American    Mileeq Green

CT Elite DL      HS American    Jaden Palmer

CT Elite FC      HS American     AJ Douglas

CT Elite FC      HS American     Tyler Carmen



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